About us



 Zikad along side our partner, FCL, a company with a global footprint including the UK & USA, are proud to be one of the pioneer companies in the world focusing in the Middle East market in the provision of a vast range of cosmetic and skin care, surgical and non-surgical products for the most popular world-wide brands. We have direct contact with most of the main manufacturers in world by way of authorised distribution contacts, such as Allergan, Johnson & Johnson and Abbots to name but afew.

In addition Zikad is developing its own range of beauty products in collaboration with some of the brightest minds within the global aesthetics industry. Ground-breaking techniques and unique formulas is the Zikad pursuit so that our customers can enjoy the very best that beauty science has to offer.

All of our teams across the globe are passionate, dynamic and they love what they do.

Our ambition is to set up clinics using the most up-to-date technology and science to provide surgical and non surgical services to our clients and customers. We will soon pave the wave to offer those who are interested to be one our franchised clinics in any county and outside the Middle East.

We run training course for our clients who buy and administer our products to update themselves with the most advanced technology within the industry.